Zombie Dog

zombie dog halloween decorFresh for 2011, we have the Zombie Dog Halloween decor. This is the perfect piece to add to your scary Halloween party. After all who wouldn’t be freaked out by a mean bloodthirsty dog… that just happens to be a member of the undead? This is a very versatile piece of Halloween decor and can be used in several different scenarios.

For example, if you’re putting up Halloween decor for a Halloween party then this is the perfect decoration to put at the end of your driveway. The dog is black so it would blend in just perfectly. If you’re doing something similar to a haunted house this would make the perfect decoration to set in on top of a chair or in a spot where someone is least expecting to find it. For a party you can place it in a bathroom.

If you’re not having a party and are just letting trick r’ treaters in this would also make the Zombie Dog perfect Halloween decor to put somewhere outside. Whether it’s in or near the driveway or on the front lawn the chance that you’ll frighten someone is pretty high.

As far as technical details of the Zombie Dog Halloween decor go this dog is made of latex and is approximately one foot in height and about 11 inches long. The dark coloring is very realistic for a dog like this. It can also be used for indoor or outdoor use.

Definitely a great addition to your Halloween decor for whatever you’re planning this Halloween. Read more about the Zombie Dog Halloween Decor here. If it’s not what you’re looking for you can still search for the best Halloween Decor at any of the links on this page.

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